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Code of Conduct

ABQ Cycling Club values creating cycling opportunities that are FUN, SAFE, and INCLUSIVE. Each member/rider is responsible for creating and maintaining physical and emotional safety; therefore, members and those that ride with ABQ CC are expected to adhere to the following:

  • Be a positive example and good ambassador of cycling (welcoming attitude, accepting of diversity, demonstrating good sportspersonship on and off the bike).


  • Abide by all relevant traffic laws whether on individual or group rides, respecting the rules of the road and maintaining safe riding habits.


  • Ride in a safe manner. I will read and follow the riding guidelines put forth on the ABQ CC website in order to keep myself and the group safe. I will maintain my equipment in good working order. 


  • Ride within my limits and abilities. If I am unable to ride within my limits for any reason (i.e. health concern) I will immediately notify the ride leader or nearby group member.


  • Follow the guidance of the ride leader; if I do not feel comfortable doing so, I have the right to leave the ride. If I decide to leave the ride for any reason, I will communicate this change to the ride leader or another member before exiting the group. 


  • Communicate my concerns appropriately. If I have concerns about the group or am unable to appropriately address concerns with an individual, I will notify the ride leader who may choose to take action to ensure physical and emotional safety of the group.


  • Treat all other persons with respect and dignity regardless of differences, such as background, ability, ethnicity, age, sex, and philosophy. 


  • Communicate with respect and kindness (members/ non-members/ drivers/ etc.). I am responsible for my actions and reactions to others.


  • Refrain from communication/behavior that is intimidating, hostile, or offensive (this includes: yelling, demeaning/belittling comments, foul language towards others, and unwanted physical proximity or sexual advances). I understand that discrimination, harassment, and/or unwanted sexual advances by any member (or guest) will not be tolerated.


  • Share the road amicably with others. Use of foul language and/or offensive gestures (i.e., flipping off passing cars) towards vehicles or other persons is not permitted.


  • Share the responsibility of ensuring the Code of Conduct is enacted. I understand it takes each individual to ensure a fun, safe, and inclusive experience. If a member is observed to not adhere to the principles above, I will respectfully identify the behavior(s) to the ride leader or a ABQ CC board member. If the issue cannot be resolved in the moment, the ABQ CC board will meet to further address the concerns and identify a plan of action. 

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